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Our activities
include customs introduction and consultations for all types of customs directions and placing goods under customs control- import, export, transit, customs storing, temporary storing, re-export of goods out of the territory of Republic of Bulgaria, preparing of EURO 1 Certificates, manifesting and all types of customs conditions. We grant bank guarantee for provision of custom obligations for transit operations.

Storing – we offer closed storage under customs control which is 400 sq.m., and also another closed temporary storage which is 100 sq.m. as well as an office bureau with all the needed communication equipment. Our storages are located on 3.5 km from Customs Point-Kapitan Andreevo (Turkey border) and 10 km from Customs Svilengrad. Our current storages are 5m high. In order to fully use the storing capacity of our warehouse, we intend to put in new shelves. We have our own loading equipment to ease the handling process of freight. Our zone is well protected by guards who secure the freight and trucks located on our territory.

Transport – we offer transportation throughout the territory of Bulgaria, as well as post shipping from our duty-free warehouse to: Turkey, the Middle East, the Asian countries, the Kavkaz countries from the X-USSR, as well as backward transportation from these countries to our customs zone and other locations in Bulgaria. In addition to transportation, we may offer our clients help in case they come across any problems with the Bulgarian and Turkish customs clerks.

Customs Agent “Fenix Group BG offers services consistent with the contemporary regulations for storing, logistics, transport and trading, multifunctional free-duty warehouses, exposed areas for storing, and customs related activities.

Our employees can communicate with clients by speaking: Bulgarian, English, and German.

We offer proper and loyal treatment to all of our clients. All information regarding our deals will remain confidential.

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